Exciting Advent plans….

Advent 2020 will be upon us very soon. With it brings the challenge of how we all can share this exciting time together, whether it be in church or in the comfort and safety of your home. Your LPC worship committee has been exploring ways for all of us to be included and brought together for Advent. This year, each of us will receive an Advent packet, either in church or by mail. The packet will have a booklet with an Advent lighting service and a creative idea for each week. The candle lighting service included will be the same service that will be used in church and seen on Facebook. You will also receive a mini banner that you can put together each week. This banner will have the same symbols that Advent candle lighters will be using. We hope that you will join us- in person or on FB or in thought – as we await the birth of Christ.


This Sunday, November 15, LPC will be going LIVE on Facebook. We will be bringing you the scripture, sermon and hymn during the live service at approximately 10:15 am. This is our first week to do so, so please be patient with us.