Children’s Christmas play

Today, we were treated to a contemporary version of the Christmas story. Mary and Joseph are traveling near Bethlehem, NY when they have a flat tire. Needing for a place to stay, Josph leads Mary to a motel only to find a “no vacancy” sign. They are given a place to rest in the shed out back. AS Mary rests she dreams about the first Christmas story. Meanwhile, the town is having a tree lighting ceremony. Our talented youth played piano solos and sang for us as part of the story. The townspeople hear of a child’s birth and bring her gifts. Mary is dreaming about the gifts that were brought to Jesus when her husband awakens her. She awakes to the townspeople bring gifts to their newborn: diapers, etc. One of the town’s men pumps up their tire as his gift.  The play was concluded by a reading of Luke 2.  The cast did an amazing job!