Don’t go to church. BE the church!

“Come and follow me…”

On Sunday, September 27, the congregation, young and old, participated in activities to serve others. The LPC family could be found throughout the community sharing the Word by serving others in different ways. Two groups stayed at the church. One group made a delicious ziti dinner for the Interfaith Partnership. Another was busy creating no-sew blankets for those in need at the Schuyler Shelter. Out in the community, one group could be found sorting goods at the Regional Food Bank and another in the Pine Bush harvesting Bush Moss seeds  to re-seed  several of the preserve’ acres. The last group could be found at the local Ronald McDonald House baking cookies for the families staying there.  Look for our photos.

THANK YOU to our Special Musicians!

We are so blessed to have many musicians in our congregation. The choir returned last Sunday singing a new song called “Come and Follow Me” which reminded us that we need to take up the cross if we are to truly follow Jesus.  Accompanying them was Anne Marie on the string bass. We thank her for sharing her very special talent.  One of our soloists, Joelle, shared with us a beautiful Sally Deford piece called “The Master’s Voice”. She was joined by Elle on the flute whose talent has added so much to our musical choices.  Thank you to all of you!

This week, the choir will share another beautiful piece featuring a special soloist and the flute.


September 27 is Mission Sunday. Instead of going to church, we will be participating in various mission projects in the community. There will be 2 projects at the church: making lunch for the homeless and no sew blankets. Outside the church, there are several choices: making cookies at Ronald Mc Donald House, working at the Regional Food Bank, and seed collecting in the Pine Bush. If there are any questions about the choices please call the church.