Lenten Photo Challenge: Week #2 a”Gift” from God

Each week we will be posting photos that remind us of the Lenten word of the week. This week we are thinking about the “a GIFT from God” and what it means to us. These photos can be found in our Photo gallery. Click on “Photo Gallery” on the top of the home screen; then find  the category “Lenten Photo Challenge” on the right side of the gallery and click on it. The beautiful  photos are there for you to view.  Share yours with us. Send it to jmaczek@nycap.rr.com.

“Lent Rocks”

Our theme this year is “Lent Rocks”. As we go on our journey together, there will be opportunities to create a rock on which you can write a prayer, blessing, or burden. The rocks will be added to a banner depicting a path to the cross. These opportunities will be following each service in Lent from Feb.22 to March 22.  Come and worship and then join us for coffee and creating.

Installation/Ordination of new officers

On February 15th, the new class of elders and deacons will be ordained and installed.  We welcome Deniz and Christopher to our Deacons and thank Anne Marie for continuing in this position. To our session, we welcome back Joelle and thank Michelle for continuing on session.    A huge thanks goes out to Lois, Dot and Kathleen for their dedicated service.