Palm Sunday

Sunday is Palm Sunday. Our worship service is at 10:30AM.

We will have wonderful special music from our Bell Choir and Soloists. After worship we hope you stay for Fellowship/Coffee Hour and take home one of the beautiful and unique crosses we made throughout Lent.

We ask ourselves, and God, the hardest question of all, “Why?” And so many whys! Why be born a human being, messy, conflicted, tired, hungry and thirsty? Why not take out your enemies, and ours, with your power? Why heal this one, and not that one? Why, oh why, do you go to the cross?¬†
This Sunday we come to the cross, but not alone. We come with questions, doubts, with our pain and even anger. Can these questions and doubts drive us from the presence of God?, our Temptor will surely give that a try.

We stand at the foot of cross in pain and know deep in our gut that the powers of fear and sin have the power to take life, but, there at the foot of the cross we remember that God alone has the power to give it. Believe it.