Sunday Worship – March 30th – Jesus Feeds 5,000

The stories of Jesus miracles include this Sunday’s lesson on how God fed 5000 people with a tiny amount of food – 5 loaves and a fish – a young boy’s picnic lunch.

The story reveals God’s power, but far beyond even that important message, it reveals God’s faith in us, and Jesus’ faith in God.  Jesus did not ‘do’ his miracles to make us believe, but to invite us to know God as present with us (Emmanuel).  As we listen to Satan and Jesus discuss just what happened that day, we gain insight into the multiple ways this moment in Jesus’ ministry moves us deeper in relationship with God.

Our God who believes in our compassion, knows our needs and answers them, does amazing things with tiny resources, and teaches us what is truly going to fill our hearts and spirits. Come and meet “Jesus the Bread King” from the gospel of John 6:1-14.