Sunday Worship – March 23rd

Our Sunday Worship on March 23 will again focus on Jesus’ temptation by the Devil

It has been said so many times, our own future lies in the balance of this confrontation in the wilderness.

Jesus stands in our place as he faces the tempter. Jesus’ words and actions will show us the way to hold our faith and our hope in the face of disappointments, losses and pain. Underlying all of Satan’s temptations is a question that hits so close to our own hearts, “hey, you are hurting, lonely, afraid, do you think, maybe, God has forgotten about you?” Satan whispers, “Jesus, there is an easy way out. Just one act of worship, just a moment of forgetfulness, and you can have it all.” Translation: “No pain, all gain. Where is the harm in that?”

Well, where is the harm in a moment of allowing our tempers to flare, our hunger to be fed, our words to be uncensored, our thoughts and actions to be for ourselves first, just this once? Give us the gain, without the pain!

What gives us the strength to say no? What gives us the courage to hold on?

What did Jesus do?