From Reverend Elaine

Thank you – A childhood friend was just ordained and asked me, “Would you choose this work over again?”  My reply came without hesitation; there is nothing I would rather do.  And that is true; I love what I do, every day.  I find that while some days hold a heart ache or a loss, every day holds laughter and blessings.  Thank you for allowing me to serve God and God’s people here at LPC, I believe we are in our 17th year together!  And thank you for your support at Christmas time and beyond.  Your gift this year was very generous.  Mark and I notice and appreciate your prayers and concern for us, and for our household.  Even Sofi, the dog, feels the love.  We hope that the new year will bring peace, health and joy.  And for our church may the new year bring continued growth in mission and energy in worship.

Peace-Rev. Elaine