Advent Worship

Our advent worship will use the resource “The Light of Bethelehm Shines On” by the Rev Dr Thomas Pilgrim.  The light of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ shines without failing or faltering.

Annual Christmas Social

Friday, December 13 at 10:00 a.m. is our annual Christmas Social.  All are welcome to enjoy a continental breakfast, and join in sharing your Christmas Tradition.  Come and join in this time of sharing the Christmas spirit.

People ask me…

I am often asked where I get the scripts for my Bible characters. Most of my characters start with my Bible and my imagination.  I begin by wondering, ‘what if I was there when Moses split the Red Sea’, or, ‘if I was there in the field with the shepherds, would I have heard the angels sing?’  then I go to my Bible and write a story based as closely as I can from the scripture lesson.    For other characters, like Paul’s made up friend, I start with a published sermon, last week I began with a sermon published by Crossways.  Of course, after that I add from a study of history and (for better or worse!) my own sense of humor.  I am grateful you all allow me to explore this ‘artistic’ side of my own character.   Rev. Elaine

Philippines Disaster Relief

If you wish to make a donation to the relief efforts in the Philippines please mark your check or note on the envelope “Philippines Relief” and we will send our gifts together through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

Note from Tom Teply

We had a lovely note from Rev Tom Teply saying that he was honored to be remembered by our congregation with an Honorary Society (recognizing 50 year members) and wishes us a blessed and peaceful year ahead.

SERRV Catalogue Sale

Gifts that Heal the World Just in time for Christmas! SERRV is an organization that brings beautiful handiwork from artists and artisans in developing nations right to our door.  Exquisitely embroidered clothing, woven baskets from Ghana, and earrings from Vietnam, wooden sculpture from the Philippines and soap from Chicago!  Catalogues will be available on the back communion table.