Vacation Bible School Supports Medicus Christi

The 2013 VBS project was to collect medical/first aid supplies to support the work of Medicus Christi in Ghana.  With your help, the collection filled three large cartons.  Included: 20 packages of Band-Aids, 15 packs of Antibiotic/First Aid Creme, 25 packs of gauze and rolled gauze, 13 bottles of antacids, 1 bag of cotton balls, 1 bottle isopropyl alcohol, 4 large boxes of surgical gloves, 32 rolls of tape, 25 bottles of pain reliever, 4 cold packs, 4 elastic bandages and 8 packages of alcohol swabs and a first aid kit.  In a very real way you reached out and touched someone who was in pain and shared in their healing.  Bless you!