“Everywhere Fun Fair!” VBS 2013

We’re bringing a global fair to the kids at our Vacation Bible School. Your children will become global good neighbors at Everywhere Fun Fair as we explore God’s welcoming love and discover how Jesus teaches us to be great neighbors.
After a high-energy opening at Friendship Central, the neighbors make their way to the Bible Bazaar. Our VBS lessons reveal five Friendship Phrases for living as the kind of neighbor Jesus teaches us to be, and your neighbors will discover Scripture Souvenir memory verses that will boost their faith long after VBS.
We will expand on what we’ve learned by participating in a variety of activities: making their own art projects at the Creation Zone, singing new music at the Choral Corner, participating in recreational activities at Global Games, and enjoying tasty snacks!  Our mission focus will be “Medicus Christi” a local group of health care professionals serving God’s people in Ghana.  We will be collecting first aid items, for example: rolled gauze, bandaids, first aid cream, adhesive tape.
On Friday we invite the whole family to join together “under the Big Top” at 11:30 for our closing program and picnic.
PLEASE bring a plain white 100% cotton tee shirt with your child’s name written with permanent marker for our tie dye project! 🙂