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The Legal Project

Capital District Women’s Bar Association

Brief History:

The Capital District Women’s Bar Association Legal Project, Inc. (hereinafter, The Legal Project) is a private, independent, not-for-profit organization that was founded by the Capital District Women’s Bar Association in 1995.


The Legal Project believes that all people, regardless of income, gender, disability, race, religion, age, sexual orientation or ethnicity should have access to legal services.  This belief reflects a deep commitment to fairness and equal justice under the law.  Based upon these beliefs, the mission of The Legal Project is to make the law more accessible to those in need; to increase the legal community’s involvement in pro bono work; and to serve as a resource on legal issues and pro bono.  There is a special commitment to women and others who may have difficulty in obtaining legal services; however, we provide services to men, women and families.


The Legal Project is unique in that it addresses the civil legal needs of the working poor – those who “on paper” make too much money to qualify for programs for the indigent, but who do not earn enough to pay the fees of private attorneys.

The Legal Project addresses the need for non-criminal legal assistance by providing innovative, cost effective services that are collaborative in nature and that focus on well-defined, but unmet needs in our communities.  It is the primary provider of domestic violence civil legal services in the Capital District.  The Legal Project has over 200 attorneys who participate in its programs and serves approximately 3000 clients annually.   Following is a brief description of the creative approaches taken to meeting the need for legal assistance:

Legal Representation:

¨      The Domestic Violence Legal Connection provides pro bono civil legal representation and free legal consultations both onsite and at domestic violence shelters.    

¨      Domestic Violence Reduced Fee Program provides reduced-fee matrimonial representation to victims of domestic violence who fall outside income eligibility guidelines for pro bono assistance. 

¨      Domestic Violence and Military Families Project provides specialized civil legal services to victims whose abusers are associated with the military or are veterans, and technical assistance to attorneys or advocates regarding working with the military justice system.

¨      Affordable Housing Attorney Assistance (AHAA) provides free and low cost legal representation to low income home purchasers.

¨      Bankruptcy & Credit Program provides free legal consults and free and low cost legal representation to individuals and families struggling with financial problems and debt.

¨      Homeowner Protection Program provides legal advice and representation to homeowners who are facing foreclosure, need assistance with settlement conferences, loan modifications, and other matters relating to foreclosure.

¨      Wills Project provides assistance in preparing Wills, Living Wills, Healthcare Proxies, Guardianship, and guidance with other end of life issues

¨      Immigration Legal Network provides free, private, and confidential legal consultations with pro bono attorneys and educational programs on various immigration issues.

¨      Pro Bono Civil Appeals Project, in collaboration with the NYS Bar Association Committee on Appellate Jurisdiction and the RuralLawCenter; provides free representation to low income parties in selected Family Law and Matrimonial Appeals.

 Legal Advice and Information:

¨      The Legal Clinic Program offers free, private, and confidential consultations with experienced attorneys at local community agencies.

¨      Legal Clinics for Veterans provides free consultations to veterans and active military personnel regarding civil legal issues that impact their reintegration into the community.

¨      Small Business Legal Network provides free legal consultations with attorneys and educational programs on small business legal issues for those interested in starting or expanding a small business.

¨      Legally Speaking Workshops offer free, custom designed education programs to community groups and organizations about many legal topics.

¨      Uncontested Divorce Clinics provide assistance with the preparation and filing of the necessary documents to low income individuals who are representing themselves in a divorce matter.

Attorney Training:

¨      Professional Training of local attorneys in exchange for pro bono work increases the availability of legal assistance with domestic violence and affordable housing.


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