Prayers for this day…gathered from the greater church community and our own LPC friends

Shared by Pastor Elaine —

We struggle to translate our feelings into words. We search for the right words but can’t find them. We anguish over what to say to our children. We try but cannot make sense out of senselessness for ourselves.

There are no degrees of separation between us and the people and place of this tragedy- we know this could have happened right here. 

In a rush to do something – anything – we can forget how healing simply listening can be.  So listen to a brother or sister today.  We can forget to pray, in whatever words or sighs our heart gives us.  We may have no answers but we can seek God’s healing.

If any blessing grows out of rubble and ash, may it be a reminder of what is most important. We are loved, and we give love.  May we find in our shared faith a limitless source of this blessing. May we know the peace of uniting in prayer and concern with caring hearts. And may we remember that no violence can ever separate us from God’s love, even when circustances are beyond our understanding.   May you live into the faith that God is with us, and may that faith be visible to our childr