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Christmas Breakfast

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Before the service, the congregation joined together for a  delicious pancake  breakfast. Thank you to all who helped to make it possible! At the end of the breakfast, ornaments were exchanged in a very roundabout, left and right way accompanied by lots of laughter.

Children’s Christmas play

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Today, we were treated to a contemporary version of the Christmas story. Mary and Joseph are traveling near Bethlehem, NY when they have a flat tire. Needing for a place to stay, Josph leads Mary to a motel only to find a “no vacancy” sign. They are given a place to rest in the shed out back. AS […]

Advent Events

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On December 13, the bell choir will be taking their talents on the road. They will be playing at a local nursing facility bringing Christmas cheer to the residents.  They are encouraging others to join them to sing carols and bring cheer. December 20 will find  LPC buzzing with excitement and energy. Before church, there will […]

“Love made Real”

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This Advent season as we are preparing for the birth of Our Savior, we will be focusing on love, hope, joy and peace made real. Coming to visit us on week 1, Love made real, was a shepherd sharing a letter to a friend about his experience and the second week, Hope made real, was […]